Trade and Delivery Conditions for Create Freedom By Faith

General terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to Create Freedom By Faith.

Products, services and services are offered by:

Create Freedom By Faith
Langevænget 3,
5500 Middelfart
CVR: 42855499

Any service from Create Freedom By Faith to the Customer takes place in accordance with the following terms and conditions, unless these are deviated from by express written agreement between the parties.

The Customer’s indication of special terms in orders, emails, etc. is not considered a deviation from the terms below, unless Create Freedom By Faith has accepted these in writing.

Conclusion of agreement

If the Customer submits a request for purchase of a virtual product, an agreement is considered entered into when Create Freedom By Faith has sent a Coaching Agreement to the Customer, or in another written way confirmed that an agreement exists.

If Create Freedom By Faith submits an offer to the Customer for purchase of a virtual product, an agreement is deemed to have been entered into when the Customer has confirmed the submitted offer in writing.

Offer and acceptance are binding on both parties, subject only to mandatory legal provisions, such as in the Consumer Contracts Act.

If registration takes place with an indication of VAT number, or if an invoice is to be issued to a company with a VAT number, the parties’ agreement is considered an agreement between two traders. There may also be a business agreement when the Customer must use the purchased service or product in connection with his business.


Create Freedom By Faith accepts payments by means of a bank transfer.

Payment will be made in full when the Coaching Agreement is created, unless otherwise agreed or stated in the Customer’s agreement.

Create Freedom By Faith does not know whether the program that the Customer has purchased is deductible in the Customer’s company. Clarify this in individual cases with a tax advisor.

If the Customer defaults on a payment or delays it, we have the right to refuse the service or delivery until all due payments have been made. In this case, we also have the right to withhold, suspend, delay or completely stop services without being obligated to compensate you for any costs. These rights apply without prejudice to other contractually agreed or statutory rights and claims on our part.

Payment in installments

For certain services or products, the customer has the option of paying in installments by bank transfer. When paying installments, the Customer will pay the first part of the service/product when ordering. Other installments are paid in accordance with the established payment plan, which will appear on the Coaching Agreement. For each installment payment, the Customer will receive an email with a confirmation of the payment, as well as the overview of the amount due. When the Customer’s last installment has been paid, the installment payment will cease. If the Customer again at a later date buys a product from Create Freedom By Faith, the Customer must re-order.

In the event of late payment, 2% interest per commenced month as well as a compensation amount and reminder fee. In the event of late payment, interest is charged to consumers in accordance with the Danish Interest Act (Danmarks Nationalbank’s lending rate plus 8% per annum) as well as a reminder fee.


Services or products are used at your own risk. The Customer acknowledges and accepts that the Customer is not guaranteed to achieve specific, personal, professional or financial results or earn any particular income by purchasing one or more of its services or products. Create Freedom By Faith makes no promises, representations or warranties regarding the realization of any goals, aspirations or efforts that the Customer may identify or choose to pursue under or as a result of the Customer’s purchase of one or more of Create Freedom By Faith’s services or products. The customer agrees to use any of the services or products purchased at his own risk. The Customer is solely responsible for any decisions and actions that result from the Customer’s use of the services or products. Create Freedom By Faith does not provide psychological, investment or financial advice. In addition, the Customer is solely responsible for taking all necessary actions to ensure the Customer’s medical safety.

Right of withdrawal

The rules in this section apply to consumers only. If the customer acts as a trader/business customer, the rules on the right of withdrawal do not apply.

According to Chapter 4 of the Consumer Contracts Act, consumers have the right to cancel a purchase if certain conditions are met.


For services, the right of withdrawal runs for 14 days from the Customer’s order thereof – unless the service is held before the 14 days have expired – in this case the Customer’s right of withdrawal ceases when the service is provided.

Purchases of services and digital products where the material is delivered immediately are not covered by the right of withdrawal, cf. the Consumer Contracts Act, section 18, subsection. 2, no. 13. This means that no right of withdrawal applies to such products, unless otherwise specifically agreed.

According to the Consumer Contracts Act, the right of withdrawal stipulated in the Act does not apply to services if the performance of the service begins at the same time as the conclusion of the agreement/payment. By accepting the general terms and conditions, the Customer therefore expressly accepts and accepts that the Customer can not make use of the right of withdrawal, as the product is delivered immediately after payment.


The rules in this section apply to consumers only.

Any withdrawal from a service agreement will not release any of the parties from the obligations that arose before a written notice of withdrawal was given. As described under the section “Entering into an agreement”, the Customer’s purchase is binding for the entire order when there is an acceptance. Likewise, in the section “Right of withdrawal”, when the Customer’s service is delivered immediately after ordering, the Customer expressly accepts with his purchase that the Customer can not make use of the right of withdrawal, as the product is delivered immediately after payment and the service is delivered before the withdrawal period.

Upon withdrawal from a service agreement, the consumer may (section 25 of the Consumer Contracts Act) be ordered to pay for the part of the service that has already been provided. As Create Freedom By Faith makes the entire agreed course available at the start of the agreement, it will have the nature of the exception that there may be a partial repayment for the agreement.

If the Customer does not provide service or digital product immediately after ordering, the following rules apply for deregistration:

For any cancellation, regardless of time, a fee of at least 50% of the course price is calculated, which is deducted from the amount refunded in connection with cancellation.


Delivery time for physical orders is typically 5-10 business days. Digital products are delivered immediately, unless another agreement is made.

Rights and obligations

Access to digital products is personal and non-transferable.

The Customer receives the login information for his member area via email.

The login information sent in connection with registration (username, password, etc.) must be kept secret by the Customer and not made available to unauthorized third parties.

In the event that available facts justify the assumption that unauthorized third parties have acquired knowledge of the Customer’s login information, the Customer is asked to notify Create Freedom By Faith immediately so that the login information can be blocked or changed.

Create Freedom By Faith may block Customer access temporarily or permanently if there is specific evidence that the Customer is violating or has breached these obligations, or if Create Freedom By Faith has any other legitimate justification for the blocking. The decision on a block is made taking into account theCustomer’s legitimate interest.

There is only a requirement for access when the payment has been made for the digital product.

If the Customer has questions about the use of the purchased services, or if the access does not work, the Customer can contact Create Freedom By Faith by writing to

The Customer has the right to download and/or print audio/video and PDF files as well as other documents only for his own use, provided that this is possible for the digital product that the Customer has purchased. Downloading and printing files is only allowed within this framework. In this regard, the Customer is also permitted to print with technical support from a third party (e.g. copy shop). In all other respects, the rights to use the files and documents are reserved for Create Freedom By Faith. This means that the samples and documents and the knowledge provided are not permitted to be made available to third parties, not free of charge or for a fee.

Making copies of third party files or transcripts; transfer or forwarding of files or documents to third parties or any other use for purposes other than one’s own study purpose, whether for a fee or free of charge, during and after the end of the course requires express prior written permission from Create Freedom By Faith. The marks and logos shown on the documents are protected under trademark law. The Customer is obliged to use only the documents and files that are available to you within the area of application that is expressly permitted here or by virtue of mandatory statutory provisions, even without the consent of Create Freedom By Faith, and not to promote unauthorized use of third parties. This also applies after termination of, withdrawal from or cancellation of participation.

It is forbidden to make recordings of our group calls or other content. This content is only available within the respective program and may not be stored or used outside of them.

Right of complaint

A two-year right of complaint is granted for products in accordance with section 54 and section 83 of the Danish Sales Act. The right of complaint applies to all defects in software, material and manufacturing.

Complaints regarding defects must be notified to Create Freedom By Faith within two months after receipt of the goods, unless otherwise agreed.

The right of complaint lapses in the event of incorrect or unusual operation of the product.

Customer & privacy policy

Create Freedom By Faith performs the registration of the Customer’s personal information for two purposes: 1. To be able to deliver the product to the Customer and 2. To be able to ensure cooperation between the participants.

We do not resell personal information, and the Customer may have his information deleted at any time.

The Customer agrees that coaching does not include psychotherapy, and if necessary, the Customer will be referred for professional advice in that area. If the Customer is in the process of treatment with another therapist (psychologist, psychiatrist, hypnotherapist, etc.), the Customer is asked to inform Create Freedom By Faith about this.

In order for the Customer to enter into an agreement with Create Freedom By Faith, we need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Email address
  • Possibly VAT no.

The personal information is registered with Create Freedom By Faith and can be stored for up to five or ten years.

When personal information is collected via our website, we ensure that it is always done by giving the Customer express consent, so that the Customer is informed about exactly what information is collected and why.

Create Freedom By Faith has access to the information that is registered about you.

The person responsible for data for Create Freedom By Faith is Susan-Ann Sundgaard.

We do not store and transmit customer information encrypted. As registered with Create Freedom By Faith, the Customer always has the right to object to the registration.

The Customer also has the right to insight into what information is registered about him. The Customer has these rights in accordance with the Personal Data Act and inquiries in connection with this should be directed to


Complaints about products can be sent to:

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority’s
Carl Jacobsens Vej 35
2500 Valby

For EU citizens outside the EU, complaints must be sent via the EU Commission’s online complaints platform.

In the event of a complaint, our e-mail address must be stated:, as well as the website on which the Customer has purchased the item.

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